Nailing Your Branding, Voice and Business Ethos

Wednesday, May 116:00 am – 2:00 pm AEST
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Thursday May 12, 7:00pm – 3:00am AEST
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Saturday, May 146:00 am – 2:00 pm AEST
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Join this workshop and you will learn how to define your Brand Voice, Create a Business Ethos, Color Palette & More.

Right now it is even more important to create a strong Brand that showcases your business. 

In this Workshop, I don't just show you I want you to follow along and create your own (and yes you get the recordings).

Learn the power of Branding and how you can use it to enhance your marketing.

Having a Professional Freebie (Lead Magnet) means that they can see your value when they download it. There is nothing worst than getting a freebie from someone and being disappointed

Create a Brand Kit and Marketing Messages to showcase your business and connect.

Great you have a lead magnet created, but now you need to create a landing page, a thank you page, and maybe an upsell page that all work together to automate the process. This is one of the first automation every business needs to have in place.

Develop a consistent Brand Ethos and marketing strategy to use online and off. 

Bringing it all together by setting up your email campaign and connecting to your list. Learn how and what to write in emails that go out on schedule automatically in a nurture sequence in the first 10 days after someone signs up with you.

Just some of the things you will learn.

★ ★ Remembering this is a LIVE workshop so I will go off on tangents if need to help you with additional learning. ★ ★

  • How to set up and format an ebook up to 20 pages
  • How to design a front cover for your ebook
  • How to setup and create a fun checklist including graphics
  • Design tips and tricks to make your ebook and checklist look professional
  • If you have a WordPress website how to build your landing pages (if you are using wix, weebly etc) you can still follow along, the process is the same)
  • If you don't have a website how to create one directly into your email provider and then create a professional link to send your audience.
  • Understand what Content to Add to Your Landing Page and Why if is vital
  • How to Design the Landing Page for Responsive Viewing
  • How to Setup your Email Provider Account
  • How to Setup your List and Campaign for your freebie
  • Why and how to write an email sequence for the freebie that will connect to your audience and allow them to see the value you will give.
  • Understand the lead magnet funnel value and how to duplicate and split test as your choose to add more freebies etc., to your business.

Remember this is a LIVE WORKSHOP so you will be able to ask questions, follow along and build out your components at the same time if you wish.

If you are ready to Take Action and Focus on ONE Task. Learn it, Do it and Mark it off!

If you are ready to Have a Lead Magnet Create and all the pages, automation to start collecting emails.

If you are ready to build out a vital component of your marketing 

Then this workshop is for you. There are two times this workshop is running LIVE. Select the one for you and join us. Don't miss out on limited spots as it is an interactive class where you can ask questions etc 


Wednesday, April 27⋅6:00 am – 2:00 pm AEST
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Saturday, April 306:00 am – 2:00 pm AEST
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Create Beautiful Websites Program

...This training represents a smart way of building a website with WordPress that is both innovative and very easy to use...

Right now it has never been easier to build a fantastic, responsive website that looks great on computers, tablets and mobile phones. This training shows you not only shows you how to build your site but how to design it to look professional.

This program shows you how ...

Learn Content Creation and Audience Connection

Understand how to connect with your audience through the power of words. Learn the difference between content and copy writing and why that is important to both you and your potent clients.

Develop Your Brand and Website Design Elements

When you discover how to build your brand and then bring those elements over to your website and combine that with professional design elements you will be amazed at how quickly your website comes together.

Loss the Tech Overwhelm and Troubleshooting

Even if you are a technophobe building a website isn't hard if you can open a word doc, send an email then you are technologically advanced enough to learn how to build you own website. And you will be guide all the way.

Just some of the things you will learn.

  • How to plan your content for your pages so it focuses on connecting with your audience
  • Creating blog posts on a regular basis
  • What content goes where and what pages are important
  • Design tips and tricks to make your site look amazing
  • How to build out your brand and using it consistently on your website and marketing
  • Why it is vital your website is customer centric and how to make that happen
  • How to create a website that continues to grow with your business

  • Learn how to purchase a domain and hosting
  • Learn how and why you must have a SSL on your site
  • Understand the main features of WordPress to create pages and posts and learn the difference between the two.
    Navigate around WordPress dashboard comfortably
  • Install plugins and understand what to look for as you grow your website
  • Correctly use post categories and tags to help the search engines to read your site
  • And so much more.

I am Looking for Women to join a FREE Website Creation program and have a website up & running before Christmas. 🎄

I want to test a new way of helping women get a website up and running quickly and have a fully functional responsive website on WordPress.

The training would be over 3 Saturdays and recorded so you would get access to the training after the program is completed.

The cost to you would be to pay for a domain and hosting (around $60 USD) and WordPress plugins (around $100 USD). To start, I can give you a demo site, and you can do this at the end if you wish; otherwise, there are no other costs.

I have run programs teaching website building before and have helped people successful build their sites, but I noticed a few issues that always come up, so I want to develop a program that helps remove those issues. Hence the reason for a test program.

You would need to be available to come live on the 3 Saturdays and you would be creating your website live with me and doing homework in between. It may sound scary but it isn't and I will guide you the whole way.

If you are interested, sign up here and I will send you details to get ready for the training.

First class starts Saturday 4th December at 8am sharp.

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