Get Sh!t done!

Stop the Marketing Overwhelm and Focus on ONE Task.
Learn it, Do it and Mark it off!


At Inovatrs our goal is to innovate your learning and implementation process. To break the overwhelm cycle and help you complete marketing tasks quickly, productively and with step by step "with us" training. 

With Our 1 Task 1 Day Intensive Days ...

Whether you need help with ...

Freebie and Email Automation Campaign Setup

Building a Website From Content Creation to Live

OR Nailing Your Brand, Voice and Business Ethos

And More  ... these are just a few examples of the Workshops we will be holding.

We are here to help with our One Day LIVE Intensives that help you learn the thousand-foot overview of the process, what tools to use, and how to set up all parts. We show you the complete process and give you time to follow along, ask questions and make sh!t happen without the fluff.

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Why LIVE Intensive Workshops. 

It is simple, you see, we want to break the cycle of long lists of processes you know you need, but you have it on the to-do list knowing you will get to it one day. And all the while beating yourself up that you are not 'marketing' to your best.

You know you need to learn it, implement it and then be able to do it again when needed, but and this is a big BUT more "watch the videos" and weekly classes are simply not doing it for you.

We focus on ONE Task learn it, do it and mark it off.

All without breaking the bank.

Our Intensives are for you if:

You're ready to break the overwhelm by doing ONE task and getting in up all in one day.

You have a mission, message or vision, but you can't work out all the moving parts to showcase your business and brand online.

You want to know you have a place to go to learn, connect and develop skills to make your business something you genuinely are delighted in talking about.

ONE Day LIVE Workshops Available

Funnel Hacking - Understanding & Creating a Marketing Funnel

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How to Set up Your Freebie and Build Your List Foundations

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Build a ONE Page website from the Ground Up using WordPress

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Nailing Your Branding, Voice and Business Ethos

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Framework and Tools to Create Content that Connects

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Growing Your WordPress website expanding pages, and posts

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tina fletcher

Known by her clients as the go-to girl for all things tech and design when building an online business, Tina is all about simplifying the process, making consistent actions and building businesses that showcase you innovatively.

Tina has been helping people for over 30 years, first as a graphic designer, then web designer and developer, and now as a business innovation strategist.

Her unique way of looking at all the moving parts and then breaking them down into actionable steps has helped hundreds of clients to navigate their way through websites, marketing, mindset and making money.

Today she aims to give affordable solutions whether you need a little or a lot of help to get your business up and profitable.

“If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.“
~ Steven Johnson (born 1968), Science author & media theorist

A few testimonials from people I have worked with

G Shaw
lynn briggs

If you want one year of prosperity, grow seeds. If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees.
If you want a lifetime of wealth grow your self-worth. 
~ a Chinese proverb.